Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala miserably failed at the box-office, regardless of starring Ajay Devgn, who has a series of blockbusters under his belt like Singham, Bol Bachchan and the recent Son Of Sardar. Himmatwala didn’t even take good opening and failed to do justice to the original 1983 blockbuster. Here bollywoodnazar.com analyzes the reason behind Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala failure. 

1. It was the remake of 1980’s Himmatwala (Starring Jeetendra – Sridevi), which was a huge hit. Today’s generation doesn’t believe in Rona-Dhona type of drama; mother crying in front of God or hero fighting with lion, because today’s gadget savvy audiences are well aware of the fact that this is purely graphics and animation work.

2. Old Himmatwala was upfront in terms of its contents and looks, but in order to maintain the old Himmatwala flavor, Sajid couldn’t give the required lavishness to the movie. 

3. Actions are very ordinary in the film; every second movie today has better action than Himmatwala.

4. The movie was unable to create any sensation in emotional scenes. The touching scenes rather looked comical onscreen.

5. Old jokes which we have heard almost a decade ago in the form of SMSs have been used in the film.

6. Characterization – Main villain doesn’t look impressive and creates no horrifying impact on the audiences, as it did in old Himmatwala, where Amjad Khan played the villain productively.

7. The movie has a clumsy climax, which is downright laughable.

In all, it is very surprising to see an intense actor like Ajay Devgn in this type of BAKWAAS movies. His career is going extremely well, but if he keeps doing TEZZ and HIMMATWALA kind of movies, he will sure lose his ground very soon. 

For Sajid, we feel very sorry as he won’t be able to touch his 100 crore mark, what he has been shouting from the top of the Eiffel Tower ever since the movie was announced. He should not be over confident and should not assume that whatever he makes, will be loved by the public. The filmmaker should not let others make fun of him, as he did for several years; he is not a kamaal ka Director.

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